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Wot happened now?

Well, a few hundred years ago people disappeared from the earth after they wiped each other out in a nuclear clash. The continents broke apart after the earth’s core expanded so much, creating magma aisles miles long.

...and then?

The Earth’s gravity eased so much that land fragments reach high into the uppermost atmosphere. Thousands of flying rocks with different vegetation can be found in the clouds. All volcanoes erupted at the same time and put the earth under a cloud of ash for decades. All the flowers of the earth tore into the atmosphere and it rained flowers from the sky for a year.

The legacy

What the Earth’s core revealed were fabulous mystical places, energetic crystals and monsters reflecting all the characteristics of human beings. Social skills, negative as well as positive qualities of being human. And among them the positive fights against the negative, literally.

A new society emerged, social as well as primitive monsters. The intelligent and motor gifted founded new lands and the six ruling houses built new cities.


The intellectual monsters, who can also speak, have given the name garbage-human to the premature inhabitants of the earth. Both from the spiritual and physical point of view, man has left a lot of garbage. The big houses run economy, from the legacies of the people.

humans only work and work and buy to much stuff, made only trash over trash.
humans only work and work and buy to much stuff, made only trash over trash.

Monster trainer and the monster hunt

Monsters that are suitable for fighting can be captured and tamed. There are also monster eggs from which baby monsters hatch. They must be cared for and trained. Each monster has elemental powers and reflects a human trait which serves either as an attack or defense.

Waiting time with vegetables, fruits and fragrant flowers

But before the adventures, the monster hunt and the legacy of humans starts in 2025, you can build your own sustainable garden in LiBiMon. Because the little big monsters are very hungry. Also, humans have left behind tons of trash that can be wonderfully recycled.

Let’s clean up the earth before it really gets going.

And with that, welcome to
My Garden
the board game for LiBiMon

After mankind disappeared from the planet, fabulous prehistoric creatures rose up and colonized the earth left by the garbage-human.

In this game you are a gardener and take care of your plants until the harvest. Vegetables, fruits as well as flowers, can then be sold in the trade center or traded with fellow players. New buildings improve your farm, found raw materials help you with production and learned skills expand your abilities to become a garden expert.

big island on a game table
Vegetables, fruits, and flowers


Grows vegetables, fruits and flowers to sell in the trade center.
Water management is essential here, as is planning ahead to calculate buying and selling. Because the seasons limit your options.

Meanwhile, you travel the land, explore ruins, find waste, trade, buy gardening tools and new seeds

Sabotage your fellow players

Tease your teammates

And if you want to annoy your teammates, sabotage their plant cultivation with pests or slow down their movement with a poison drink.

Good and bad surprises

Random events in each round will make your life difficult or bring you advantages. It’s up to you whether you play off the competition, cooperate or forge intrigues. In the end, there is only one garden king and that is you.

Cell phones packed away – and back to really oldschool, offline social contact in hours of fun with family and friends.

Are you the garden king?

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