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In My Garden for LiBiMon you take on the role of a gardener and merchant. The game is about growing vegetables, fruits, growing flowers, managing with water supplies and recycling waste.

With Egbert you’ll transport your goods to the trade center. Later you’ll treat him to a market cart. In addition to gardening, you’ll travel around the island, shopping, selling, adventuring, completing jobs, learning new skills, buying buildings, and sabotaging neighboring gardens!

Water management

and seasonal planning are essential. New turn events bring explosive cuts to your planning every now and then. Collected EXP can either be converted into skills or victory points, because that’s the only way you can become Garden King!

A sociable, relaxed game with emotionally charged moments 🙂

Number of players and duration

The game is for 2 to 6 players. The more players, the longer a game lasts. Approximately 2-6 hours.

Round actions

You have two to three actions available per round. You can do gardening or have an interaction with a place. These include merchant visits, taking jobs, adventure quest, player contact, and executing action cards.

Movement points can be used at any time without an action. You move your character across hexagon squares along the road to the center, to teammates, and to exploration locations.

Cultivation in LiBiMon my Garden

The core of the game is, of course, to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. To do this, there are large tubs with one to two slots for simultaneous cultivation. You have to find the double-slot tubs during the adventure quest. The greenhouse you have to build can even grow 3 plants of the same type.

In each round you can, or should, water all the growing fields to make the plants grow. When the marker reaches its harvest position, the tile is turned over and goes into the garden storage as a finished good.


For cultivation you always need potting soil and a type of seed. You can find the potting soil during the adventure search. The topsoil in the gardens is contaminated and unusable thanks to the people.

For each slot you consume seed&soil and receive a tile for it. The growing season and the necessary time of year are described on it.

Trade & Order

Finished goods can be sold to the fruit and vegetable merchant in the city center. In return you will receive shards, i.e. money. However, it is much more advantageous to complete jobs. Each job brings you EXP in exchange for goods. And EXP are essential for victory.

Equipment & Boosters

In exchange for money, you will receive new equipment that will give you advantages. You can also find unique booster items in the world.

So yes, the more pennies you can get together, the better you can equip yourself.

Water Management

Water is valuable because your wells provide limited water for irrigation each round. In winter, however, they freeze over. To be able to grow some plants in winter, you need a water reservoir. It is important to have a time management system to coordinate the targeted growing of plants. Because they all require different amounts of growing time and water units.

The more water you have in reserve, the more plants you can tend in bad times.

Adventure Quest & Action Cards

During the adventure quest you will not only find useful items, but also trigger dangers. Monsters will send you home or bludgeon money out of your pockets. But you can also find numerous items such as fertilizers, boosters, pests, flying traders and lots of trash.

You’ll be better with expert equipment, so that you can search the dangerous places and find more valuable items.


Although the garbage people leave behind is not good, you can use all the garbage you find to upgrade the transporter or exchange for shards and EXP when recycling.

Transport of goods

To get your goods from the garden to the point of sale, you have Egbert, your choleric though hardworking friend. In his backpack you have a little space for goods, but you can also expand it. In the course of the game you can also buy a market cart that Egbert then pulls. You can upgrade it as well.


If you meet a player during your travels, you can rob him of some movement points with a poison elixir. If you visit a competitor’s garden and use a pest from your luggage, they can cause damage to a player’s crop field. The rabbit eats away vegetables, the worm holes the fruit and the louse infests the flower.

The player has to defend himself against this before the sabotage takes place. With a protective shield against external influences. However, the item must be bought again and again.


The year has 12 rounds, that is 12 months. In each new round an event card is revealed, while the next coming card is already face down and can be sniffed for 2 shards. The event can produce merchant visits, air transport, recycling days and alms or simply force funny storytelling by the players at the festival.

Unfortunately, there are also nasty surprises like tsunamis, roadblocks, earthquakes or heat waves that make your job harder.

Drought makes the well dry up, while forest fire destroys a cultivated field.

New Skills

Newly learned skills increase your efficiency.

New buildings

Building cards are bought and added to the garden. The following types are available:

The goal of My Garden

You play for the place of the Garden King, who earns all the victory markers first.
You buy a victory marker with EXP – experience points. However, you also need the EXP to learn new skills, which in turn increase your work efficiency. You decide which way leads to success.


For people with visual impairments such as color blindness, we have designed visual additions in addition to color differences. Red 10(tens) coins have an additional X. The gardens and player icons have dots as numbering. The player markers may get stickers with dots.


Any question?

Currently no. The realization will be done in cooperation with you, the community. To realize this unique huge game, we need your support. Provided you all love the game as much as we do, the game will be funded via a crowdfunding campaign in the coming months, maybe next year, and then produced for all to enjoy.

The community sets the pace. If you want “My Garden” to be expanded, we will gladly consider it. Firmly planned, however, is a confectionery trade, which is based on the game concept of “My Garden“. This second board game will then be combined with “My Garden” and then find an exciting cooperation mode in the trading card game “LiBiMon Trainer“.

There are also some monsters in “My Garden” that you might encounter while exploring the land. Training monsters and the Monster Arena, however, are not part of “My Garden” and will come as a collectible card game in the coming years.

The game has some economic tricks and long thinking passages where you have to calculate how long the cultivation takes and at what time of year they pause. Also the movement must be calculated, as well as the water must be cleverly allocated. For this reason, we would recommend “My Garden” only for ages 12-14 and up. The same applies to seniors, as the complexity could well become exhausting and the challenge too great. In addition, the icons are very very small.

But we would like to develop an easy-mode that we add to the game for free, but for this we need a certain goal in the crowdfunding campaign and your thoughts on whether this could be interesting.

Every author has to face a decision at the beginning. Do I want to develop small, inexpensive, well-known, well-performing, economically viable games, or do I want to realize innovative, extensive, totally crazy concepts? Without a corporation cutting and trimming the concept.

I personally as an author voice,

emphasize with a great community, with you players as a family to approach the development together and create extraordinary games. The decision to take the whole thing into my own hands was easy, but the start to all the implementations will be all the more difficult. For this reason, trust is my first priority. Therefore, you are promised a transparent development by the Table Game Company.

LiBiMonMy Garden, only with your support!

The game will definitely be presented at the SPIEL 24 fair in Essen. Before that, however, you will have the opportunity to participate in test games next year.

You would like to organize a game day with us?

Write us by mail or via socialmedia.

How you can buy the game?

Through the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Info will follow. Subscribe to our newsletter 🙂

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